Coronavirus Notice:

A Message From Rev David King:

“The current coronavirus outbreak is both deeply unsettling, but also a reminder of what a precious comfort it is to know the Lord Jesus.  We know that God has not abandoned us, that he remains in control and is caring for us, and that even the very worst outcome, though a hard path, is the way to eternal life for those who put their trust in Jesus.”

Live Stream service

Every Sunday morning we are live streaming our 10.30 service. The first half of the service is designed for all ages. The second half has a Bible talk and time of prayer.

The service can be accessed here: Sunday Service Live stream

How can I stay connected? 

As a church we are trying our best to facilitate ways we can stay connected as a community of believers, despite the present circumstances.  Here is important information for you to know at this time:

Got questions about faith?

At this time you may be asking questions about life.  Take a look at these helpful videos that explain who Jesus is and what He has done for you.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Please Note:
  • The church office is now closed to visitors, you can still get in touch via phone (07928 824 251) or email (
  • In recent weeks we have made a lot of adjustments to our activities.  We continue to maintain high standards of Safeguarding in line with the practices of A Safe Church.  We are following guidelines issued by the Church of England National Safeguarding Team which can be accessed here: Safeguarding and Coronavirus
If you have any questions or would like to chat to us you can see all of our contact details here.
Visitor information to help you get to know more about our church and how you can become involved.

Life at our Church

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What’s On

Tue 7 Jul 2020 12:30pm
When: every Tuesday 
Time: 12.30pm to 2pm 
Where: church hall 
Cost: £4

Every Tuesday we have a Lunch Club that gathers to share a meal together. The meal consists of 2 courses followed by tea or coffee afterwards. This is a fantastic community made up of primarily elderly people who enjoy a time of fellowship and food together. Once a month we have a service directly before lunch club during which there is opportunity to sing hymns, pray and listen to a short talk.  
Wed 8 Jul 2020 6:00pm
On Wednesdays we gather together at 6pm to eat a meal as big group. This is a brilliant time hanging out together sharing stories while eating great food! After the meal has finished we start our Bible Study. This is a brilliant opportunity for our youth to go deeper into scripture and discover more about what it means to follow Jesus. The Bible study always finishes at 7.30pm.
Thu 9 Jul 2020 9:45am
When: every Thursday in termtime
Time: 9.45am to 11.00am 
Where: Lounge (off the church hall)

Thank God It's Thursday (TGI Thursday for short) is a group for mums meeting every week during term time - it's a chance for mums to have a bit of a break. TGI is a great opportunity to meet with others to have some time out from the busyness of every day life. There is a varied programme of activities each term including guest speakers, craft mornings, tasting and lots more. There is always time to relax and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

There's a fully staffed creche - you can leave your children there, or join them in the creche for as much of the session as you want. 
Fri 10 Jul 2020 9:30am
Meets daytime during the week on a Friday morning, providing play and social activities for toddlers and their carers. Contact the church office for more information.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 9:45am
Time: 9.45am for breakfast
Where: church hall
Finishes: 11.45am

Frog starts about 9.45am for breakfast (ranging from croissants to sausages). At 10.30am we join the main morning service for about 15 minutes, then come back out to the hall for a fun and lively time looking at the Bible together.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 10:15am
Time: 10.15am onwards
Where: Creche room off the church hall
Finishes: collect your children after the service

Creche runs throughout every morning service (including family services) in the side-room off the church hall. It's staffed throughout, so you can leave your child with the creche team, or stay with them for a while if you prefer. There's an audio link to the church so you can still hear what's going on during the service.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 10:30am
Time: from 10.30am
Where: meet at the back of church, then in church office (47 Park Hill Road)
Finishes: 11.45am

Scramblers covers all our children from ages 3 to 5 - we meet at the back of church, after the first 15 minutes of the main service.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 10:30am
Time: from 10.30am
Where: meet at the back of church, then in across the road at the vicarage
Finishes: 11.45am

Junior Gospel Rock covers all our children from school years 1-3 - we meet at the back of church, after the first 15 minutes of the main service, then head across the road. Each week we look at a bit of the Bible together with a mixture of stories, games, songs, and activities.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 10:30am
Time: from 10.30am
Where: meet at the back of church, then in the 'Lounge' (found in the Church Hall)
Finishes: 11.45am

Junior Gospel Rock covers all our children from school years 1-3 - we meet at the back of church, after the first 15 minutes of the main service, then head over to the Hall. Each week we look at a bit of the Bible together with a mixture of stories and more grown up activities.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 10:30am
Time: 10.30am
Where: Church Building
Lasts: just over an hour (at most 1¼ hours)

Our main gathering on a Sunday is this lively and welcoming service, in which we sing songs and hymns, listen to what God is saying to us through the Bible, and pray. It's fine just to come along and see what goes on, or join in as you feel like it (if you've not been in church before and aren't sure what to expect, have a look at our new to church page).

On all but the first Sunday in the month adults and children alike start off together in church, but the children and young people (up to age 14) then go to their own groups after about 15 minutes. There's also a staffed creche running throughout the service, from about 10.15am, for under-3s. You can read more about our childrens' groups.

On the first Sunday each month we have our Family Service (which is a little shorter, about 45 minutes), celebrating the full diversity of our church community by children and adults worshipping together for the whole service. The music and teaching content is intended to be suitable for all, and we expect a bit of noise! The uniformed groups (Scouts, Guides, and so on) also join us for these family services.

On the second Sunday of each month, we also include a celebration of Holy Communion (sharing some bread and wine together as a reminder of Jesus' death), which adds about an extra ten minutes to the service.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 4:00pm
Time: 4pm
Where: Church Building
Lasts: one hour

Our afternoon service is designed to be accessible to everyone, whatever their age, with a friendly and informal style. On the first Sunday of every month during our Afternoon Service we have Worship Club.

An understandable format

We start at 4pm in the church building with all ages together for up to 30 min. (depending on the age of the children), and follow a straightforward service format with some songs, prayers, a Bible reading, and a very short teaching slot which all ages can listen to together. We're careful to make sure everyone can follow what's happening in the service, even if you're not a church regular.

Accessible Bible teaching

After about 35 minutes we break into smaller groups by age for about 20 minutes of Bible teaching, moving to different areas of the church or the Hall. The adults will hear a talk on the passage we've read earlier, and children and young people aged 2-14 years will move to other areas of the church to look at the Bible in a way that's appropriate and understandable for them.

At 5pm we come back to finish the service together, usually with a final song.

A welcoming community

Once the service has finished, a simple tea (usually sandwiches, drinks, and cakes) is served in the church for anyone who wants to stay around to eat or chat - there is no charge for the tea.

A great service for everyone

It's a great service to come to as a family! Most of the time is spent together, and if you are a parent, your children will only be a little way away during the talk.

You also might like to try out the 4pm service if you're interested in church but not sure what Christianity is all about. We'll keep things straightforward and explain why we do what we do. You can sit anywhere, wear anything, and you won't be asked to read or discuss anything - you don't even need to join in with the songs or spoken bits of the service if you don't want to. You're very welcome just to come along and listen. If you want to chat about anything you've heard during the service, you can always catch one of the leaders afterwards over a cup of tea and a sandwich.

And if you'd like to be part of a church but haven't been able to fit it in around the other commitments on your busy Sunday, perhaps 4pm is a time when you'll find you could come? It's a short service with a predictable format, always finishing at 5pm, so you can safely plan to be somewhere else before or afterwards.  
Sun 12 Jul 2020 4:00pm
During the Afternoon Service our 11 - 14s group 'Frog' meet for a short Bible study and discussion usually based on the same passage being looked at in the service. At the end, if there is time we play a game together. 
Sun 12 Jul 2020 6:20pm
LifeTime cafe

Time: 6.10pm for cafe, 6.20pm service
Where: Church Building
Lasts: 1 to 1¼ hours (always finishes by 7.30pm)

The LifeTime Cafe kicks off from about 6.10pm every Sunday, with coffee, cake, and good company - then the service itself runs from 6.20-7.30pm. We meet in the church, with the chairs arranged around tables. 

The format is informal, but with similar elements to most church services: we'll usually sing and pray together, and hear part of the Bible read and explained. LifeTime often includes some slightly more interactive elements, too: sometimes there will be an opportunity to discuss part of the evening's topic, or some more creative ways of praying or thinking through what we've looked at from the Bible.
Sun 12 Jul 2020 7:30pm
4:Twelve (age 14-18)
Time: 7.30pm every Sunday
Where: Lounge (off the church hall)
Finishes: 9.00pm

4Twelve meets at 7.30pm every Sunday in term time. (This is immediately after Lifetime, which is the most popular church service among our young people). We spend 90 minutes hanging out, playing group games, eating whatever snacks are around and learning more about what it means to be a Christian. Anyone in school years 10-13 is welcome to attend any of our meetings.
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