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Previous Services 

Did you miss a service? Here you will find all the children's activities that you will need to engage your child while you list to the sermon. 

If you would like an activity from 2020 please use the contact page to get in touch. 

21st Feb 2021 (Matt 4 vs 1-11)
14th Feb 2021 (Matt 7 vs 24-27)
7th Feb 2021 (Matt 7 vs 7-11) Make your own door hanger here

31st January 2021 (Matt 7 vs 1-6)
24th January 2021 (Matt 6 vs 25-34)
17th January 2021 (Matt 6 vs 19-24)
10th January 2021 (Matt 6 vs 5-15) Lords prayer

Prayer hands
Draw around your hand. write or draw in each finger space to show;
Thumb-something good
Pointer finger- how can you point someone to Jesus this week
Middle(tallest)- someone who leads us that you want to pray for
Ring- Who can you call or talk to this week
Little- Thank God for something little (hearing the birds sing)
Example: Prayer hand


Helen Machell, 06/04/2020