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Archived News 

Sale of 47 Park Hill Road (17th November)

We have exchanged contracts for the sale of 47 Park Hill Road. Completion is set for the 3rd December after which the house will no longer be available for church use. However, the new owners have kindly agreed to our using the church office next door, together with continued use of the storage marquee in the rear garden, until the end of June 2022. The proceeds of the sale will be used to help fund the building of our new centre.
Building work continues to progress well. Recent days have seen work securing the church foundations around the area of the old north porch where the new centre will be joined onto the church.
We are most grateful to everyone involved with the successful fundraiser Pre-Christmas Coffee Morning event last Saturday that raised over £800 in support of CentreForward.  

CF Update 17th Nov

Blocks are now in place... (5th Nov 2021)

The Beatrice Laing Trust has given CentreForward a grant of £20,000 following our application earlier this year. We are very grateful to the Trust for this generous gift.  
Building progress continues. Blocks are now in place ready to take the ground floor concrete beams, but delivery of the beams will not be until December – a sign of the shortages and delays in the supply chain that we are hearing so much about. As a result, the builders have rescheduled the work programme and brought forward the installation of a very large soakaway under the old car park to this month. Meanwhile, drainage work will continue as planned on the main site.
A new fence and entrance gate has been erected on the south side boundary, replacing the old and damaged chestnut paling. It will provide much improved security for the new centre, once built, and the church. It will also protect two temporary tents that are to be set up on the land behind the church to house children’s and other groups after the house in Park Hill Road is sold. 

CF update 5th Nov

The digging continues… (13th October)

Threequarters of the foundations have been dug and filled with concrete. The remainder due for completion within the next couple of days. All surplus soil and chalk currently on site is in the process of being removed by a fleet of lorries for repurposing.
The next couple of weeks will see the start of brick and blockwork laying on the foundations and the building of the “block and beam” floors for the ground floor rooms. Work will also start on installing the drainage system – an unglamorous but fundamentally important task!

CF update 13th Oct

Foundation course….. (28th September)

The large drainage soakaway at the rear of the church is complete and is now covered up. Another large soakaway will be installed under the old car park area later in the year.  The components are stacked on the Woodcote Hall side of the site.
A large section of the centre has been marked out with blue lines and vertical rods ready for the excavation of foundations. New heavy  machinery is now on site and the pouring of concrete is due to start on 1st October. The layout of the new centre will then start to appear!

CF update 28th Sep

Levelling up! (21st September)

The groundworkers are now on site. The bushes on the Woodcote Hall side of the old car park are gone, part of the grassed area at the rear of the church is now level with the original hall site, and the roots of the lime trees, which are covered by Tree Preservation Orders, are now protected.
Work has begun on building a large drainage soakaway at the west end of the site. Once this work is complete the foundations will be marked out ready for excavation. Then the build begins!

Soak  Away West End of Church

It’s gone! (1st September 2021)

Our old hall is no more! Every piece of the old building, including the foundations, has been taken away for recycling, wherever possible. The site is now flat, ready for the groundwork for the new building to start within the next few days.
Our local MP, Elliot Colburn visited the site on 1st September and was shown around by our Minister, David King, and the Managing Director of Hystar, Tim Hyde. After the visit he told us “I was absolutely thrilled to visit St Patrick’s Church for the first time on Wednesday to hear more about the exciting plans for the new church hall. The new centre will be a vital asset for the local community with improved accessibility and facilities for all to enjoy. I look forward to returning to the Church when the centre is open to celebrate with the community”.
The project team is now meeting once a month with Hystar, our builders, to review progress. These meetings will continue until October 2022 when the centre will be ready for use. The meetings are led by James Matthewson of Chawton Hill, a firm of quantity and building surveyors, who we have contracted to represent us on all building-related matters during the build period.  We do not have sufficient expertise in this area, so it is a job for the professionals!

Centre update 1st Sep (A)

Centre update 1st Sep (B)

Going, going………starting, starting (17th August 2021)

Demolition of the hall is well underway. As we write, the entrance and stairs, the lounge, the kitchen, the toilets, and a large part of the roof have all gone - with the rest to follow within the next few days. Last week, our own Marty Murrihy helped by manning the digger and taking down part of one of the old lounge walls. Marty was the winner of a free raffle for this unique experience but although he made it look easy we think he found it far more difficult to do than it appeared! Click here to see a short video of Marty’s heroic achievement:

Although the hall has almost gone, and we won’t see our new replacement building opening until next autumn, that doesn’t mean that all the groups that used to use the hall won’t be able to meet. On Tuesday we started the first of many meetings, that will now be held  in the church, by holding a tea party for the Lunch Club. Over 40 people attended and by all accounts a great time was had by all. There was certainly a lot to catch up on!

Centre update 18th Aug

Fencing Is Up (6th August 2021)

If you walked past the church recently you will have seen that despite the plan to start demolition on Monday, the hall is still standing! This is because there was a delay in getting the perimeter fencing delivered and the demolition contractor has been delayed in getting to site.
The good news is that the fencing is now up and demolition work will start in earnest on Monday 9th August. We’re told that the first couple of days will be spent stripping out the inside of the hall and that the demolition of the hall should start around Wednesday. Keep an eye out on social media to find out when the bulldozers start to move in!
Remember, if you have any questions or need information you can always email the project team at

Centre update 7th Aug

A sad goodbye! (29th July 2021) 

We are very sad! The time has come to say goodbye to our church hall that has served us so well over the past fifty-seven years in helping people come to know to know Jesus and which holds so many fond memories for so many people.  We always planned to say goodbye in proper style but sadly this has just not been possible with Covid. Please thank the Lord for providing the hall, and for all it has done for us, in your prayers.
Building work is starting on the 2nd August. Next week will see a lot of activity as the construction site is made ready and preparations are made for demolition. The car park will be closed along with access the north porch and a perimeter fence will be erected around the whole of the construction site. We will probably also see the start of the demolition of our old hall, but we don’t have a precise date just yet.