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Afternoon Service 

Time: 4pm
Where: Church Building
Lasts: one hour

Our afternoon service is designed to be accessible to everyone, whatever their age, with a friendly and informal style.

An understandable format

We start at 4pm in the church building with all ages together for up to 30 min. (depending on the age of the children), and follow a straightforward service format with some songs, prayers, a Bible reading, and a very short teaching slot which all ages can listen to together. We're careful to make sure everyone can follow what's happening in the service, even if you're not a church regular.

Accessible Bible teaching

After about 35 minutes we break into smaller groups by age for about 20 minutes of Bible teaching, moving to different areas of the church or the Hall. The adults will hear a talk on the passage we've read earlier, and children and young people aged 2-14 years will move to other areas of the church to look at the Bible in a way that's appropriate and understandable for them.

At 5pm we come back to finish the service together, usually with a final song.

A welcoming community

Once the service has finished, a simple tea (usually sandwiches, drinks, and cakes) is served in the church for anyone who wants to stay around to eat or chat - there is no charge for the tea.

A great service for everyone

It's a great service to come to as a family! Most of the time is spent together, and if you are a parent, your children will only be a little way away during the talk.

You also might like to try out the 4pm service if you're interested in church but not sure what Christianity is all about. We'll keep things straightforward and explain why we do what we do. You can sit anywhere, wear anything, and you won't be asked to read or discuss anything - you don't even need to join in with the songs or spoken bits of the service if you don't want to. You're very welcome just to come along and listen. If you want to chat about anything you've heard during the service, you can always catch one of the leaders afterwards over a cup of tea and a sandwich.

And if you'd like to be part of a church but haven't been able to fit it in around the other commitments on your busy Sunday, perhaps 4pm is a time when you'll find you could come? It's a short service with a predictable format, always finishing at 5pm, so you can safely plan to be somewhere else before or afterwards.  

Sam Lomas, 14/10/2019