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CentreForward Project 

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Our church hall was built in 1964 and has served us well, but it  is showing its age! More than that, it doesn't provide the room and facilities that we need to take our church to the community. We are going to build a new centre and have called the project CentreForward. It is going to cost around £2.8m but, God willing, we should have the new building in place by 2022.

We are now into the 'Home Straight' of our project.  We have created a full playlist of videos in order to help you understand more about the project.  Here is a link to the full playlist: CentreForward Videos 

Latest News


A sad goodbye! 

We are very sad! The time has come to say goodbye to our church hall that has served us so well over the past fifty-seven years in helping people come to know to know Jesus and which holds so many fond memories for so many people.  We always planned to say goodbye in proper style but sadly this has just not been possible with Covid. Please thank the Lord for providing the hall, and for all it has done for us, in your prayers.
Building work is starting on the 2nd August. Next week will see a lot of activity as the construction site is made ready and preparations are made for demolition. The car park will be closed along with access the north porch and a perimeter fence will be erected around the whole of the construction site. We will probably also see the start of the demolition of our old hall, but we don’t have a precise date just yet.
We will be providing a regular update on progress from now on. If you have any questions or need information, please email the project team at:
Sam Lomas, 15/10/2019