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CentreForward Project 

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Our old church hall served us well, but it was showing its age!  More than that, it didn’t provide the room and facilities that we needed to take our church to the community.  We are now in the process of building a new centre as part of our CentreForward project.  God willing, we should have the new building ready for use by October 2022.

We have created a full playlist of videos in order to help you understand more about the project.  Here is a link to the full playlist: CentreForward Videos 

Our Funding Shortfall

Right now, we are just £30,000 short of the amount we need to fully fit out the new centre so that we can use it to its full potential from the day it opens. We are so close!
If you feel that you would like to give, even a small amount would be wonderful, you can find out how by clicking on these links:
For Information: 

Giving Form                Gift Aid Declaration                Standing Order Form

Latest News 

The building is on track for completion in 14 weeks time!

The PCC is now praying and working on how best to use the building for the benefit of the church family and the local community. But the most important thing, of course, is how to use it to help people to come to know Jesus.
We have a funding gap of £30,000 as compared to a total project cost of £2.9m. The £30,000 takes into account all the pledges for giving through to November 2023 so maintaining regular payments is pretty crucial!
It would be great if we could try and reduce the £30,000 further now that we are so close. Please think how you might be able to help, no matter how small your donation.
We showed a short CentreForward video last Sunday. If you weren’t there then you can access it here: 

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You can read our previous news updates here: 

Sam Lomas, 15/10/2019