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Activities for your child to complete during the sermon. Each date will take you to the service on YouTube. 

10th May 2020
Activities to use based on Colossians chapter 1 verses 15-20

3rd May 2020
Activities to use based on Hebrews chapter 1 verses 1- 2.4

26th April 2020
Children's Activities
Larger weather symbols for a prayer weather mobile
Winners of FROG challenge
 Eva Micheal Alex

19th April 2020
Activities for during the sermon. you will need a bible (or use biblegateway) paper or this activity sheet, pens

Easter Sunday
This service is accessible for all ages.

Good Friday
What Jesus did on the cross for us. All Instructions are in this document. Some real life examples of children (aged 4, 6 & 11) doing the Activity. I do hope you enjoy completing this.

5th April 2020
Draw around your hand. write or draw in each finger space to show;
Thumb-something good
Pointer finger- how can you point someone to Jesus this week
Middle(tallest)- someone who leads us that you want to pray for
Ring- Who can you call or talk to this week
Little- Thank God for something little (hearing the birds sing)
Example: Prayer hand


Faith in Kids
presenting Christ in a fun, relevant and truthful way. Faith in Kids exists to support churches and parents in raising children to trust in Jesus Christ eternally.

Parenting for Faith
Equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens. A great place that helps to equip you to talk about God and faith in your own homes. 

10 of those
This is a great website for resources generally. At the moment they have a free daily activity for children, weekly colouring competition and (through Facebook) a bedtime story at 6pm read by the author. 

Together at Home
Study God's word together each day with activities to do as a family.

Helen Machell, 06/04/2020